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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Scientific Name Pictures
Otopharynx argyrosoma
Otopharynx auromarginatus M F
Otopharynx brooksi
Otopharynx decorus M J
Otopharynx heterodon M J
Otopharynx lithobates M F J
Otopharynx lithobates "Red Top Aristochromis" M F
Otopharynx ovatus M
Otopharynx pachycheilus
Otopharynx pictus M
Otopharynx selenurus
Otopharynx spec."Big Spot Tanzania" M
Otopharynx spec."Blotch" M F
Otopharynx spec."Blue Yellow Tanzania" F J
Otopharynx spec."Heterodon Longnose" M
Otopharynx spec."Heterodon Nankhumba" M
Otopharynx spec."Magarettae Blotch"
Otopharynx spec."Silver Torpedo" M F
Otopharynx speciosus M
Otopharynx tetraspilus M F J
Otopharynx tetrastigma M
Otopharynx walteri
Pallidochromis tokolosh
Petrotilapia chrysos
Petrotilapia genalutea
Petrotilapia nigra
Petrotilapia spec."Black Flank"
Petrotilapia spec."Chitande"
Petrotilapia spec."Chitimba Bay" M F J
Petrotilapia spec."Fuscous"
Petrotilapia spec."Gold Eastern"
Petrotilapia spec."Gold"
Petrotilapia spec."Likoma Barred"
Petrotilapia spec."Likoma Variable"
Petrotilapia spec."Mumbo Blue"
Petrotilapia spec."Mumbo Yellow"
Petrotilapia spec."Orange Pelvic"
Petrotilapia spec."Pointed Head"
Petrotilapia spec."Retrognathus"
Petrotilapia spec."Ruarwe"
Petrotilapia spec."Small Blue"
Petrotilapia spec."Tanzania"
Petrotilapia spec."Yellow Chin"
Petrotilapia spec."Yellow Ventral" M F
Petrotilapia tridentiger M
Placidochromis "platyrhynchus" M
Placidochromis electra M F J
Placidochromis electra "Gome" M F
Placidochromis electra "Likoma" M F
Placidochromis electra "Makanjila"
Placidochromis electra "Mandalawi" M
Placidochromis electra "Neon Head Londo" M
Placidochromis electra "Undu" M
Placidochromis gisseli M F
Placidochromis hennydaviesi
Placidochromis johnstoni M F
Placidochromis longimanus
Placidochromis milomo M F J
Placidochromis phenochilus M F J
Placidochromis phenochilus "Mdoka" M J
Placidochromis spec."Blue Otter" M F
Placidochromis spec."Electra Blue Hongi" M J
Placidochromis spec."Electra Blue Sambia Reef" M
Placidochromis spec."Electra Makonde"
Placidochromis spec."Electra Superior" M J
Placidochromis spec."Gold Mbamba Bay" M J
Placidochromis spec."Johnstoni Solo" M F
Placidochromis stonemani
Placidochromis subocularis
Platygnathochromis melanonotus F
Protomelas annectens M
Protomelas fenestratus "Chilumba" M
Protomelas fenestratus "Kirondo" M
Protomelas fenestratus "Makanjila" F J
Protomelas fenestratus "Mkali" M J
Protomelas fenestratus "Nkanda"
Protomelas fenestratus "Pombo Reef" M
Protomelas fenestratus "Puulu"
Protomelas fenestratus "Tumbi Rocks"
Protomelas insignis M F
Protomelas kirkii F
Protomelas labridens M F J
Protomelas macrodon
Protomelas marginatus marginatus
Protomelas marginatus vua
Protomelas pleurotaenia M
Protomelas similis M
Protomelas spec."Fenestratus Ngkuyo" M F
Protomelas spec."Fenestratus Taiwan Mara Rocks "
Protomelas spec."Mbenji Thick Lip" M F
Protomelas spec."Spilonotus Likoma"
Protomelas spec."Spilonotus Mozambique"
Protomelas spec."Spilonotus Tanzania" M F J
Protomelas spec."Spilopterus Blue"
Protomelas spilonotus M F J
Protomelas spilopterus
Protomelas steveni "Taiwan Albino" M F
Protomelas steveni "Taiwan Higga Reef " M F J
Protomelas steveni "Taiwan Taiwan Reef " M F J
Protomelas steveni "Taiwan Taiwan Reef Albino" M
Protomelas steveni spec. "Eastern" M
Protomelas taeniolatus (Chizumulu Island) M F
Protomelas taeniolatus (Likoma) M F J
Protomelas taeniolatus (Mbeni) J
Protomelas taeniolatus (Namalenje) M F J
Protomelas taeniolatus (Thumbi West)
Protomelas taeniolatus spec. "Chilumba Jetty" M F J
Protomelas taeniolatus spec. "Fire Blue" M F J
Protomelas triaenodon
Protomelas virgatus M
Pseudotropheus ater
Pseudotropheus cyaneus
Pseudotropheus daktari M F
Pseudotropheus daktari "Chiwinde" M
Pseudotropheus demasoni M F J
Pseudotropheus flavus M F
Pseudotropheus fuscoides
Pseudotropheus fuscus
Pseudotropheus galanos
Pseudotropheus longior M J
Pseudotropheus lucerna
Pseudotropheus minutus M
Pseudotropheus modestus
Pseudotropheus purpuratus
Pseudotropheus saulosi M F J
Pseudotropheus socolofi M F J
Pseudotropheus socolofi "Albino" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Acei Msuri "
Pseudotropheus spec."Acei Ngara " M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Acei Senga Bay "
Pseudotropheus spec."Acei Tanzanian Black" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Acei" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Agressive Zebra" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Aggressive"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Bar"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Bee" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Boadzulu"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Brown"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Chailosi" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Chewere" M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Chisumulu"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Gold Bar"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Liganjala" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Likoma" M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Masimbwe"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Mbako"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Mbenji Blue"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Mbenji Brown"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Metangula" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Mpanga" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Namalenje"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Ndumbi"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Ornatus" M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Reef"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Ruarwe" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Slab"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Taiwan"
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Usisya" M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Elongatus Yellow Tail"
Pseudotropheus spec."Kingsizei Likoma" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Kingsizei Lupingu" M F
Pseudotropheus spec."Lime Mbenji Sunflower" J
Pseudotropheus spec."Msobo Heteropictus" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Msobo" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Ndumbi gold" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Perspicax Orange Cap" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Polit" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Socolofi Nkolongwe" M
Pseudotropheus spec."Zebra Chilumba" M F J
Pseudotropheus spec."Zebra Chizumulu" OB M
Pseudotropheus spec."Zebra Long Pelvic" M
Pseudotropheus tursiops
Pseudotropheus williamsi M

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