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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Scientific Name Pictures
Maylandia aurora M F
Maylandia barlowi M
Maylandia benetos
Maylandia callainos M F J
Maylandia callainos "Pearl" M
Maylandia chrysomallos
Maylandia crabro M F J
Maylandia cyneusmarginata
Maylandia elegans
Maylandia emmiltos M
Maylandia estherae M F J
Maylandia estherae "Blue/Red" M F J
Maylandia fainzilberi
Maylandia fainzilberi "Red Dorsal Pombo Rocks" M
Maylandia Fainzilberi Lundu "Flag top Zebra" M F
Maylandia greshakei M F J
Maylandia greshakei "Albino" M
Maylandia hajomaylandi M F
Maylandia heteropicta
Maylandia lanisticola
Maylandia livingstonii M F
Maylandia lombardoi M F J
Maylandia mbenjii M F
Maylandia melabranchion
Maylandia patricki M
Maylandia phaeos
Maylandia pursa
Maylandia pyrsonotos M
Maylandia sandaracinos
Maylandia spec. "Aurora Blue" M
Maylandia spec. "Black Dorsal Nkolongwe" M
Maylandia spec. "Black Dorsal" M
Maylandia spec. "zebra chilumba" Maison Reef M
Maylandia thapsinogen
Maylandia xanstomachus
Maylandia zebra
Maylandia zebra "Boadzulu"
Maylandia zebra "Chisumulu"
Maylandia zebra "Chisumulu" OB M F
Maylandia zebra "Cove Mountain"
Maylandia zebra "Gold Kawanga" M F
Maylandia zebra "Hai Reef"
Maylandia zebra "Ikombe"
Maylandia zebra "Kirondo"
Maylandia zebra "Likoma"
Maylandia zebra "Lions Cove"
Maylandia zebra "Luhuchi Rocks"
Maylandia zebra "Lundu"
Maylandia zebra "Manda"
Maylandia zebra "Nakatenga" M
Maylandia zebra "Ndumbi Reef"
Maylandia zebra "Nkhata Bay"
Maylandia zebra "OB" M F
Maylandia zebra "Pombo Reef"
Maylandia zebra "Puulu"
Maylandia zebra "Thumbi West"
Maylandia zebra "Tumbi Rocks"
Maylandia zebra "Undu Point"
Melanochromis auratus M F J
Melanochromis auratus "Albino" J
Melanochromis baliodigma M
Melanochromis benetos
Melanochromis brevis
Melanochromis chipokae M F J
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos M F J
Melanochromis dialeptos M F
Melanochromis elastodema M
Melanochromis heterochromis
Melanochromis interruptus M F
Melanochromis joanjohnsonae M F
Melanochromis johannii M F J
Melanochromis labrosus M
Melanochromis lepidiadaptes
Melanochromis loriae
Melanochromis melanopterus
Melanochromis mellitus
Melanochromis parallelus M F
Melanochromis perileucos M
Melanochromis perspicax
Melanochromis robustus
Melanochromis simulans F
Melanochromis spec "Brown"
Melanochromis spec."Black-White Johannii"
Melanochromis spec."Blotch"
Melanochromis spec."Blue Chilumba "
Melanochromis spec."Blue Lundo Island "
Melanochromis spec."Blue"
Melanochromis spec."Chinyamwezi"
Melanochromis spec."Dwarf Auratus"
Melanochromis spec."Lepidophage"
Melanochromis spec."Northern"
Melanochromis spec."Slab"
Melanochromis vermivorus M F
Melanochromis xanthodigma
Mylochromis anaphyrmus M
Mylochromis balteatus
Mylochromis chekopae
Mylochromis ensatus M F
Mylochromis epichorialis M F
Mylochromis ericotaenia M
Mylochromis formosus
Mylochromis gracilis M
Mylochromis guentheri
Mylochromis incola
Mylochromis labidodon
Mylochromis lateristriga M F
Mylochromis melanotaenia
Mylochromis mola M F
Mylochromis mollis
Mylochromis obtusus
Mylochromis plagiotaenia M
Mylochromis semipalatus
Mylochromis spec."Black Line Makanjila"
Mylochromis spec."Golden Mola"
Mylochromis spec."Kande" M
Mylochromis spec."lateristriga makanjila" M
Mylochromis spec."Magarettae Stripe"
Mylochromis spec."Mchuse" M
Mylochromis spec."Pointed Head Tanzania"
Mylochromis spec."Pointed Head"
Mylochromis sphaerodon M
Mylochromis spilostichus F J
Mylochromis subocularis M J
Naevochromis chrysogaster M
Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus M F
Nimbochromis linni M F
Nimbochromis livingstoni M F J
Nimbochromis maculimanus
Nimbochromis pardalis
Nimbochromis polystigma M F J
Nimbochromis venustus M F J
Nyassachromis spec."Yellow" M
Nyassochromis prostoma M
Nyassochromis purpurans M J

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