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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Maylandia estherae
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Group Mbuna
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Male Picture
Female Picture
Juvi Picture
Discovered By KONINGS 1995
Common Name "Red Zebra"
Fish Size min 4" - max 5" Inches
Min Tank Size 50 Gallons
Sexual Differences Mature males will tend to be larger with a steeper forehead and more egg spots. Some differences in colouration may also be apparant. Females tend to be a deeper orange and males more pale with subtle hints of blue in the fins when mature. Venting may prove beneficial with this species.
General Information In the lake, this species inhabits rocky regions. It feeds primarily on algae and microorganisms. This fish is aggressive and should not be kept with species from the Haplochromis group. Tank should have plenty of rockwork and caves to provide both shelter and territorial markers. Feed a good spirulina flake/pellet food or flake/pellet meant for herbivorous fish.

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