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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Maylandia crabro
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Group Mbuna
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Discovered By RIBBINK & LEWIS 1982
Common Name "Bumble Bee"
Fish Size min 5" - max 8" Inches
Min Tank Size 75 Gallons
General Information Located throughout the lake. Found in shallow and deep water over rocky habitat. Diet in the wild consists of anything this fish can find however it specializes on feeding of the parasites that latch on the catfish B. meridionalis in addition to the eggs the catfish lays.

The aquarium should have plenty of rockwork to provide shelter, territorial markers and spawning sites. Feed a quality cichlid flake/pellet food. Supplement with spirulina flake and frozen foods such as krill, brine or mysis.

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