There is never too much to know when it comes to fish keeping. Now, via, you can purchase some of the best Lake Malawi Cichlids books available by clicking on a book cover below.

Title: CICHLIDS: The Pictorial Guide, Volume One
Author(s): Pablo Tepoot & Ian M. Tepoot
Publisher: New Life Publications
Features: Color pictures of male and female of species from Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and some Madagascar species. General size indicator, scientific and common names, and general comments for each species.
Comments: This book is a must for African cichlid enthusiasts. The pictures of the species are superb quality and both a male and female picture is given, proving very usefull.

Title: Lake Malawi Cichlids: a complete pet owner's manual
Author(s): Mark Phillip Smith
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
Features: Information on the cichlids, information on the lake, setting up the aquarium, maintaining the aquarium, breeding information, glossary, a selection of species profiles complete with scientific name, common name, location and natural habitat, adult size, husbandry requirements, diet, and breeding information.
Comments: This book is very handy and complete, especially for beginners just starting out in keeping Lake Malawi cichlids. The names are current and measures are in inches and gallons, in addition to liters. The high quality pictures are full color but mostly of males.

Title: AquaLex catalog - Cichlids from Lake Malawi
Author(s): Andreas Spreinat
Publisher: Dahne Verlag GmbH
Features: Information on the lake (including a map), the cichlids, the habitats, husbandry and breeding, names, arrangement of species and picture symbols that go along with the photos of the species. Text provided in English and in German. Color photographs of males and females of practically every described species of Lake Malawi cichlids.
Comments: This book is an encyclopedia of knowledge. Practically every described species of Lake Malawi cichlids has a picture in this book. Small symbols under the pictures show general info such as aquarium size, nutrition, total length and habitat. Having female pictures of the species is very useful. Some names are outdated in this book and occasionally, photos are of poor quality. This book is a must for the experienced lake Malawi cichlid keeper.

Title: The Guide to Owning Malawi Cichlids
Author(s): David E. Boruchowitz
Publisher T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
Features: What are mbuna, lake Malawi and its fishes, which mbuna to try, setting up the tank, feeding mbuna, breeding mbuna and keeping mbuna healthy.
Comments: A book that provides some general information about Lake Malawi cichlids mentioning some important information on the lake and the water chemistry. Some good photos. Author makes generalization of calling Lake Malawi cichlids 'mbuna', which is clearly not true. Some names outdated and photos mislabeled.

Title: Ad Konings's Book of Cichlids and All The Other Fishes of Lake Malawi
Author(s): Ad Konings
Publisher: T.F.H. Publications Inc.
Features: Lake Malawi, the Malawi cichlid aquarium, Malawi cichlid species, Malawi cichlid genera, cichlid species and non-cichlid fishes.
Comments: This book is massive, both in sheer size and the amount of information in text and photographs. The author is very knowledgeable and tells about his actual experiences of diving in the lake and witnessing the behavior of the fish. The book has lots of color photographs, both above and below the waterline, of the different locations around the lake. The photos are also complemented with descriptions of the habitat found in those areas along with full color maps that show the locations with good detail.

In the Malawi cichlid aquarium section, the author briefly mentions the necessities of setting up and maintaining a Malawi tank. The main bulk of this book is dedicated to large, full color photographs and profiles of pretty much all the Malawi cichlids found in the lake. There is also a section for non-cichlid fish. The species profiles are very complete with information about scientific name, trade name(s), distribution, races and morphs, maximum length, habitat, food, breeding behavior and similar species. The photos are high quality and usually show both males and females of each species. This book is very complete and is a must for a Malawi Cichlid keeping enthusiast.

Title: Enjoying Cichlids 2nd Edition
Author(s): Ad Konings ( Editor )
Publisher: Cichlid Press
Features: The aquarium, the water, filtration, food and feeding, live foods, breeding, treating cichlids, African cichlids, Central American cichlids, South American cichlids, Asian cichlids and more.
Comments: This book is full of colour photos and is loaded with information especially useful for the beginner aquarist. There is a good overview of many cichlids from Africa Central America, South America and Asia however specific info on species is not gone into detail. This is a good book for a beginner to mid-level aquarist that is still unsure of what type of cichlid he/she wants to keep.

Title: Back to Nature Guide to: Malawi Cichlids
Author(s): Ad Konings
Publisher: Fohrman Aquaristik AB
Features: The natural environment, the aquarium, the cichlids. Cichlid profiles are complete with photo of fish, scientific name, trade name, distribution, maximum length, habitat, food, breeding behavior and aquarium size.
Comments: This book is very complete and full of color photographs of the cichlids in their natural habitat. The author is very knowledgeable on the species and had documented almost every aspect of these fish in the wild. Unfortunately, there are mostly male pictures shown making identification of females of each species difficult. Some species names are also outdated and have been changed.

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