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Species profiles presents in depth studies, articles, and information surrounding the numerous species of Lake Malawi Cichlids.
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Astatotilapia calliptera
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Group Astatotilapia
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Male Picture
Female Picture
Discovered By GUNTHER 1883
Common Name "Haplochromis Callipterus"
Fish Size min 3" - max 5" Inches
Min Tank Size 30 Gallons
General Information Located throughout the lake in addition to rivers and streams. Found mostly in shallow, vegetated areas. Diet in the wild consists of microinvertebrates found in the sand, algae, small fish, plants and plankton.

The aquarium should have some rockwork but still provide open swimming space both along the bottom and mid-tank region. Adding some plants, mainly Valisneria sp., will help replicate the natural conditions this species is used to. Feed a quality cichlid flake/pellet food, supplement occasionally with frozen brine, krill or mysis and spirulina.

Non-endemic species. Only species of this genus found in lake Malawi. Related to fish in Lake Victoria.

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