Pseudotropheus sp. ‘perspicax’
by Nick Laferriere

Location: Pombo Rocks (yellow breast), Ndumbi Rocks (orange cap).

Biotope: The Sediment-free Rocky Habitat from 2 to 7 metres.

Size: 9cm with slightly smaller females.

Diet: In the wild, it meticulously pick at the aufwuchs collecting diatoms and algae. In the aquaria feed a veggie-rich diet with mysis as a treat once every two weeks max!

Colour Variants: Ps.sp.’perspicax yellow breast’, Ps.sp.’perspicax orange cap’

Related Species: Ps. socolofi

Temperment: Males at Pombo Rocks are highly aggressive in their territorial defence, unlike the population at Ndumbi Rocks. In the aquaria they’re a belligerent species, which should be kept with other aggressive mbuna, preferably larger. Spawning Behaviour: Males should be kept with atleast three females to avoid deaths due to excessive chasing. Also, one male should only be kept in a tank, as they’ll continuously fight amongst each other. Males excavate burrows beneath rocks but will also defend nests in pure rocky habitat.

Breeding: Females aren’t very prolific but will hold often. They have between 10-15 fry after about a 25 day incubation period. A large spawn may consist of 20 or more, depending on the female’s experience and size. Males have a blue body with yellow breast in the Pombo race, and have a blue body and red highlights in the Ndumbi race. Females, are a drab brown with some blue or red and vertical barring. Fry are brown till about two inches when they start maturing. This fish isn’t seen too often in the hobby yet as it has only been discovered recently in the last ten years. They’re nice dwarf mbuna with an attitude.

Pseudotropheus sp. "Perspicax Tanzania"
Pseudotropheus sp. "Perspicax Tanzania" (Liuli)
Pseudotropheus sp. "Perspicax Tanzania" (Puulu)
Pseudotropheus sp. "Perspicax Yellow Breast"


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