New Tank Set Ups
Let the experts at Malawi Mayhem design a tank for you! Our specialty are African cichlid set-ups but we are capable of anything! If you are looking for a freshwater community, a freshwater planted tank, a fish only saltwater, a saltwater reef or even a pond, we can set it up for you, even supply you with everything you need, all at affordable prices! Contact us today for an estimate.

Tank Aquascaping
Tired of that same old look, want something different, perhaps an aquarium that replicates the natural conditions your fish are used to in the wild, then contact us for some ideas and an estimate. We can make your tank take a turn from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tank Maintenance
If you already have an aquarium, you can appreciate the amount of time it takes to keep that tank clean and your fish healthy. Most experts agree, weekly water changes are recommended if you want to see your fish thrive, But who has 1-2 hours per week servicing their tanks. Our tank maintenance service is designed to provide all the necessary steps to keep a tank clean and worry free without the need for weekly service. We provide an all in one package that includes gravel vacuuming, glass cleaning, water changing and filter maintenance all in one visit per month or whenever needed.

Fish Feeding
Going away on vacation, don't trust those cheap automatic feeders or your inexperienced fish friends or relatives to feed your prized pets while you are away. No worries, we can come by and feed your fish several times a week for however long that you are away. Reasonable rates and dependable service! Contact us to find out more!

Dependable and Experienced
The crew at Malawi Mayhem has been in the fish-keeping hobby for well over half a decade and are experienced in all aspects of the aquarium hobby. We have a variety of staff with individual expertise to suit your needs. We offer both residential and business rates. All services are charged on an hourly fee not including any materials costs. New tank set-up service rates depend on tank size/type. We are able to service the entire Lower Mainland in addition to areas from Whistler to as far as Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Contact us for rates and availability.

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