Pseudotropheus sp. ‘elongatus chailosi’
by Nick Laferriere

Location: Chitande Island, 10km south of Chewere, separated by sand.

Biotope: Intermediate Habitat from 10-25 metres.

Size: 10cm females slightly smaller, around 9cm.

Diet: The males feed from the biocover while females and non-territorial males school in the upper region feeding on plankton and browsing the algae from the tops of the boulders. In the aquarium a balanced diet of mysis shrimp and spirulina is beneficial. Related Species: Ps. sp. ‘elongatus chewere’

Temperment: They guard their territory from all conspecific males and will vigorously guard the immediate area of the nest against all other fish. Males can be quite belligerent in the aquarium and may be rough on females. They also get larger in the aquaria than they normally would, mainly due to the higher protein foods.

Spawning Behaviour: Males dig tunnel nest beneath rocks and can move large amounts of gravel in the aquaria. Rocks must be carefully placed as to not topple over if a male digs too much. They spawn in the typical mbuna method with egg spots. Females can be rough on one another and a alpha female will result. She’ll be the largest and will most likely breed the most.

Breeding: Spawning takes place in the tunnel nest. Females will hold for up to 27 days and can hold anywhere from 15-25 eggs. The females get really dark while holding and will usually find a quiet place to hide or may just remain towards the back of the tank, especially during feeding. Fry have vertical stripes much like the female coloration. Female chailosi tend to have more prominent stripes that the chewere. Also male coloration is quite different. Male chailosi have yellow throughout the body with a little blue towards the head. They also tend to be more dark brown than appearing black.


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